How do I leave feedback for someone?

In order to leave feedback for someone, both you and them must have an account at BitCoinFeedback.com. You can search for someone by a bitcoin address, or by their screen name. You will see a link to leave feedback once you find them through the search or browse buttons.

How do I know that the bitcoin address I have is associated with the right person?

You can run a search on the bitcoin address you have to find out who it belongs to. If it is not listed on the website, it is recommended that you do not send money to the account in question. If it is listed, you should see a user account and other information associated with the account. As long as the username matches the name of the person or company you are doing business with, you can use the feedback listed to determine whether you wish to do business with them.

How are feedback ratings calculated?

Overall feedback ratings for each user can range from 0% to 100%. The formula to calculate a user's feedback is [positive] / ([positive + negative]).

How is abuse of the system prevented?

Having each person sign up for an account in order to rate other members helps to prevent abuse. Also, sellers are able to respond to each feedback comment left on their profile. Finally, if we are notified of potential abuse, we will look further into the situation. If it is found that the member leaving feedback is falsifying information, their account will be terminated permanently.

Do you have an API?

Yes! Currently, the only function available is to add bitcoin addresses to your profile. This is so that as soon as a user requests a payment address from you, the API can be used to also add that address privately to your profile. The user can then search for that bitcoin address to verify that the feedback account you claim to hold is actually your account. More information on the API and how to use it is located on our API Help Page.