BitcoinFeedback API Help

At this time, the BitcoinFeedback API only allows the addition of bitcoin addresses. If you would like to see additional API capabilities, please contact us.

The information is sent in plaintext through URL (technically, a malicious entity could intercept packets and read the information you are sending), so if you do not feel comfortable with that level of security, then please continue to wait while I implement a more secure HTTPS solution. Note that while this API requests an MD5 hash of your password, your password is not stored as an MD5 hash - it is double-SHA256 hashed.

The base URL format is:[YOUR_USERNAME]&password=[MD5_OF_YOUR_PASSWORD]&btcaddress=[YOUR_BTC_ADDRESS_TO_ADD]&action=addaddr

You may optionally append:

A full URL example might look like this:

If the login and posting of new BTC address is successful, the script will simply return "true" posted to the page. Likewise, if it is unsuccessful, it will return "false", and give a reason why.